Nursery Management

Our tree-growing division offers:
• Afforestation program for various objectives including, Plantation development, Soil protection, Enrichment planting, Wind breaks, Agro forestry etc.
• Avenue planting
• Orchard development
• Park and Arboretum development

Our Nursery Division offers:
• Year-round product availability
• Short, medium, and long-term contract agreements
• Large quantities of matching landscape-size trees
• Large-caliper shade and ornamental trees
• Specimen trees to choose from
• Digging, delivery and installation services

+ARL has established two major nurseries for the production of planting material for our projects and for sale. The larger nursery located at Apam in the Central Region, produces forest trees for afforestation, with a capacity of 500,000 seedlings per year. The Accra Nursery, located at East Legon, is designed to produce ornamental trees, shrubs and all kinds of exotic flowering plants.